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Tina Hope-DarbyThe Unseen Enemy
an autobiography by Tina Hope-Darby

It is a widely held belief that we choose the content of our next life before we are reborn; what on earth was going through my mind at the time!

Written at the request of hundreds of her viewers, The Unseen Enemy is an insight into the life of a naturally open psychic who was unknowingly exposed to realms and entities that mankind is not supposed to have exposure to; realms that extend far beyond the fluffy ones, often portrayed by the Spiritualist movement and most psychic mediums.

Written by Tina Hope-Darby, a clairvoyant from birth, who before becoming a top television psychic and presenter on Sky TV, ran her own highly successful psychic consultancy for more than twenty years.

The unseen enemy is a remarkable, controversial and thought provoking autobiography that will share with its readers Tina’s incredible psychic experiences; in-part humorous, horrifying, dark and enlightening, along with her highs and her lows; written from the heart in an open, frank and often humorous style, which belied the torturous events often playing out behind the scenes, even during the early stages of writing the book.

From a very young age, Tina was dogged by dark and disruptive events that impacted on every aspect of her life; events that were orchestrated by a malevolent entity that managed to remain undetected until just a couple of years ago; an entity Hell-bent on her destruction, who with ruthless efficiency pushed her to the brink of suicide.

This is will alter your view of the psychic world; it is an autobiography like no other.

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